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Installing bathroom fan and...

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Jul 16, 2013, 07:30 PM
Installing bathroom fan and...
The fan is all installed, duct installed, etc. My problem is that as I'm going to replace the single gang junction box witha double gang for the new fan switch and the old light switch, I noticed that the box is in between two studs, not allowing for enough room to install a double gang.

For some reason, there is the stud that is right next to the door.. about 2 1/2 inches worth of space (exactly enough for the junction box) and then another stud next to it.

So, since I don't want the switches to look stupid when I'm done, I'd like to cut out the stud to the left side of the box (not by the door). I'd venture to guess though that it's probably the stud the rest are based 16" OC on.. so I don't just want to cut it out.

My question is, should it be good enough to cut the stud, then put in a 2x4 header and footer for it, and put my new double gang junction box in between that?

If not, any alternative suggestions?


Jul 16, 2013, 10:14 PM
install an other box under or above the present box pull the power to it and make sure you have about 2 1/2" wall space between them when the cover is installed.we did it in our kitchen and it looks just fine.