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How do you or can you install or run a faucet through a glass pitcher in the bathroom

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May 03, 2013, 09:13 PM
How do you or can you install or run a faucet through a glass pitcher in the bathroom
We are going to to do a remodel and are going to uses a old dresser for the vanity, a old metal tub for the sink, and I found a clear glass pitcher which looks like it is pouring. We wanted to try and first drill thru the bottom of the pitcher and try to figure out how we could run the water where it flows out of it. Does anyone have any ideas? Any suggestions would help.
May 03, 2013, 09:50 PM
what you are doing sounds likea lot of fun. BUT...
every plumbing fixture must have an astm sticker attached to it
it has to be tested and approved by the local plumbing authority
because... the old metal wash tub is not porcilin the microscopic critters can hide and breed in the nonporous surface
ok thats out of the way. score the glass, with a glass cutter. in a circle. about 1/2" then heat the glass with a small propane torch and tap it. then using a abrasive step bit, drill the hole to make it round and big enough to accept a 3/8 brass nipple. nut and washer both sides of the glass will keep it from leaking. its going to be trial and error. buy a few pitchers. or...take it to a glasscompany
one that installs.
i tried to drill a hole in a glass block. to make a penney bank out of it. after breaking about 15 blocks. i did it.

as for the routing of the water. buy a 2 handle faucet with 8 " centers on the handles. use the handles and valves but canableise the spout to repurpose your pitcher. [tear it apart and use the fittens to make another] if your not a savy diy'er this project will eat your lunch good luck

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