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Tub size and adjacent wall question

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Oct 13, 2013, 02:16 AM
Tub size and adjacent wall question
So my full bathroom redo is in full swing. Shower/tub faucet installed no leaks.

The alcove is 60 1/4" wide.

Here's what I *think* - am I correct?

I plan on using 1/4" firring to make up for that diff on the end opposite the left-hand drain to get a good fit with the 60" tub. I'll then have a 60" alcove.

The tub lip is 1/4" so I will need 1/4" firring above the tub lip on both ends before hanging 1/2" hardibacker. Outside the tub alcove the end walls will still be 60 1/4".

I *think* my right wall needs an extra 1/2" added via additional firring outside the alcove, and the left side needs 1/4". Otherwise I'll have an alcove wall different from the end walls.

Am I on track here?

Oct 13, 2013, 06:14 AM
he he...your thinking to much
a rough tub hole needs to be 60 1/4" to get the tub in the hole...the extra 1/4" will never be noticed
or seen
if you measure tubs, they are inconsistant
59 7/8 60 60 1/8 depends on the thickness of he porcilen and metal
Oct 13, 2013, 10:48 AM
And to add to the above, it will be better to fur out above the tub to get your framing flush with the lip of the tub surface. This is more important if the surround will be tile, less important if it's a vinyl or solid surface surround. If you don't fur it out, there will be a curve to your surround material as it passes over the tub lip.

Oct 13, 2013, 11:48 AM
I see both points.

I've re-measured the tub about 15 times, and it's 59 7/8 (back edge)or 59 15/16 (front) outside lip edge to outside lip. Once I dry-fit the tub and am ready to set it, is it OK to shim the furring to get it the proper depth or is that too small a variance to care about?

The new tub lip is a full 1/4" wide. The drain end (left) will fit flush to the wall, and the right end will need 1/4" furring floor to top of lip. All 3 sides would then need 1/4" furring to allow flat install of Hardi in front of the lip. Correct?

So to me (Frodo - maybe I *am* thinking too much) this would mean outside the alcove the green board to be installed would be 1/4" shy of the surround on the left end and 1/2" shy on the right end. Don't I need to compensate somehow for this? Otherwise I'm thinking I'd need to fur out the other 2 walls or sister studs to make up the difference. Is there a tile product (I think I've seen 1/4 round tile) to hide that?

You guys are great. Thanks.