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Remodelling our bathroom! Advice and ideas needed!

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Feb 27, 2013, 09:54 PM
Remodelling our bathroom! Advice and ideas needed!
Would love some input! We are remodelling out master bathroom ourselves. I know this is very general but we are in the beginning stages and will be starting this week with buying everything and demolition.

Would love input from anyone that has gone through this - what things did you do that worked really well? What did you wish you would have done? What did you do that you wish you hadn't? I am hoping these boards will be a good place to get help and input throughout our adventure in bathroom remodelling!
Feb 27, 2013, 11:39 PM
Advice from a pro who has remodeled more bathrooms than I can remember:


Do not start this weekend until you have answered all your questions. At the very least you need to have all your major fixtures and materials on order and on hand before getting started. Beyond that, make an honest assessment of your skills. If there is any areas that you are lacking be it plumbing, electrical, drywall etc. then find some subcontractors and revise your schedule.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the hardest remodels to do. If you haven't tackled a project like this before then you MUST work from a careful plan.

Feb 28, 2013, 12:12 AM
Bathrooms and kitchens are the hardest to remodel because there is so much going on with such a small space. So it takes careful planning. (oops, sorry Jaybee, I just noticed I kind of quoted you). But it can be done even by a novice with some skills.

People like dual sinks for one thing, and if there is room, I like to make sure the tub is a 6 ft instead of a standard 5. But it all depends on how big the bathroom is -- so you might want to give us the sizes of what you have to work with.

Also, a 6 ft high, or more, towel cabinet, towel bars, seperate shower stall, roman bathtub, nice tile job, and try to eliminate any window that is in a shower area (will lead to problems down the road).

And speaking of problems, Price Pfister faucets are known to be a problematic pain in the oops. I'm a particular fan of Moen, and there are other good ones out there.

And if you want a "toilet closet", building code requires a minimum of 15 inches from the center of the toilet to any side wall. Shoot for 18 inches as being the minimum. And update your wiring to meet modern codes. The newer hair dryers can trip a 15 amp breaker, code requires a 20 amp in bathrooms.

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May 02, 2013, 07:59 PM
Ok! About two months later, we are almost done! I appreciate all of the advice I received from the boards I posted on!
We thought we could just rip everything out and do things as we went along. Instead, we had a guy come and measure for a vanity and had it specially made. We had a guy who came in and did most of the work but we still had to go to the hardware store and search online for odds and ends.
A couple things we purchased that I am so happy about are:

A "standard" bathtub with jets! Love it!

A heated towel bar - I never thought I'd want something like that!

We went for heated floors - loooovvvvee them!

A longer overflow gasket. I know it's not a heated towel bar or anything but during the construction but after the tub was installed, my son took a bath and the dining room below got wet. What the heck? A little setback but nothing we couldn't fix!
Ultimate Overflow Gasket

New towels! Love these!
Front Gate Towels

What a pain it all was but so glad it is over!
May 02, 2013, 10:52 PM
Very nice. Always good to hear a success story.