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Getting Epoxy grout off marble

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Sep 16, 2013, 06:12 PM
Getting Epoxy grout off marble
I was told the Tec Invision pre-mixed grout was what I needed for my marble flooring, when in fact it isn't supposed to be used with marble. Fortunately the grout lines are tiny and I pretty much put the grout on with my fingers, but I still have horrible smears of this product on the floor that I cannot get off without scraping off the surface of the marble. Mineral Spirits did not work. Anyone have any ideas? This is my 3rd attempt at getting down a floor in my one and only bathroom... long story.
Sep 16, 2013, 06:46 PM
Once it's dried, it will take a very sharp blade and a slow and steady scraping. I'd go with a sharp wood chisel.

If you have a sonic crafter or similar tool, there is a smooth scraper blade that will do the trick - just be careful not to stay in any place for too long or you'll mark the tile.

Sep 20, 2013, 03:29 AM
Christine Welby
If you are looking for a way to get that excess epoxy grout off your floor you should follow these easy steps, in case you haven’t already: clean the area, apply a liberal amount of release agent (a chemical used to remove grout at the same time helps clear stains, it is odorless and comes in a gel form), wipe the release agent from the joint, use a nylon pad to scrub the surface - the more force you apply the better it is. Finaly wash the surface with water and get rid of the release agent and the grout - it should work. Good luck!