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        Stuck: again! How to line up wall and floor tiles... Sign In/Join 

        I have attached a graphic showing the rough floor plan of the bathroom I am working on. Black rows / boxes represent walls... I have labeled each wall segment with a letter to facilitate discussion.

        G and D are smaller walls that take 1.5 tiles to fill horizontally. C, H, and F take about 2.5 tiles. A and B have room for about 5 tiles each.

        The walls A, H, and portion of B opposite from H (around tub) will be tiled up to 6' off the floor. The rest of the walls will be tiled 4' off the floor. For wall tiles, 8x12 tiles are being layed out, in a brick style. For the floor, I am using matching 12x12 tiles, and was thinking of laying them out in straight lines...

        I was thinking of starting with wall A. Find mid point and lay the tiles. Then, use that wall to flow into the adjoining walls. So, if a row ends in half tile, the adjoining wall would also start with ROUGHLY half a tile. I say roughly, because I may not be able to install a perfect half tile on some walls (due to size or attempt to center things).

        Here are the questions.

        1. Do I need to try to keep symmetry for each wall? (i.e. keep roughly the size of the halfs at the ends about the same)

        2. For a little bathroom, I have so many turns and 2 outside corners. This is throwing things off in my mind, when thinking of the grout lines on the bottom row on the wall and the grout line of the floor tiles! Naturally, I can easily line up the first few rows of tiles. However, when I get to the C/D/E corner, I run into issues, because of the overlapping wall tiles (the end piece on C and the beginning piece on E may not precisely add up to one tile or 12 inches). So, the floor tile grout lines will not line up…. Is this something to be concerned with? How do you handle it?

        3. Do I need to ensure grout lines of opposite walls are lining up?

        4. My first design makes me place a row of half tiles next to the tub and a row of almost third tiles next to wall C. So, from the door, there is half row next to the tub, followed by two rows of full tiles, followed by another row, which when gets to C/D corner gets cut into thirds. Thoughts and recommendation?
        By the way, my plan is to tile the walls, holding the bottom row for last. Then, install the floor and finally the last row of the wall tiles… Is this a good approach?

        Thank you

        Toilet Floor Plan
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        You are overthinking this - lots of ways to lay the tile where it will look fine.

        The general rule is to try to balance tile. Like you said, if you have a half tile at one side then you'll have a half tile at the other. That rule goes out the door with a bathroom. Instead of making all the walls evenly spaced from side to side, focus on the walls and areas that are most visible. Don't worry so much about that corner that is hidden behind the toilet, instead focus on a clean look at those outside corners (C/D & H/G). The long walls like 'A' and 'E' that are behind symmetrical things like the tub and vanity should be set up so that you have equal sized tiles at either end.

        Don't worry about lining up grout lines with walls across the room, it will never be noticed.

        Same with the floor. Keep the floor as one element and the walls as another. There is no reason to try to line up floor to wall grout lines.

        Accept the fact that due to the size and shape of the room that you are working with too many 'givens' - in that there is no way to make each corner perfect in every way. Concentrate on the areas that are easily seen as you enter the room and let the rest fall where they may.

        One exception: You never want to wind up with a tiny sliver of a tile piece. Measure and lay out each wall before you start to avoid doing this.

        Check out some on-line bath pictures, you'll notice that in bathrooms with many walls like yours that everything is not always even.

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        Thank you. It is much appreciated.
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            DIY Message Boards  Hop To Forum Categories  Home Improvement  Hop To Forums  Bathroom    Stuck: again! How to line up wall and floor tiles...

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