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Redoing shower/tub- only have one bathroom

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Jan 03, 2014, 07:27 AM
Redoing shower/tub- only have one bathroom
I was going to redo my tiling in my shower and then have my tub refinished by a professional.
I was wondering since I only have one bathroom if while the tile is being replaced I can still use the tub for bath or take a shower?

Are there any suggestions to scheduling of this type of projects in the case of only one tub/shower in the house? Is there certain steps I have to do all at once and then other steps that can wait until the next day or weekend?

Jan 03, 2014, 10:08 AM
There are always ways to get around this but you must realize that it will mean more build time, more cost and a possible risk to the integrity of the project.

For example with your tub and surround: If you can work quickly, you can install all the tile in one day. However, the tile will still need to cure overnight before you can grout. If you are DIYing and are not a pro, it could take several days to complete just the tile install part.

What you do here is to install a waterproof covering after you are finished for the day and before you take a shower. This could be some 4 to 6 mil plastic or extra shower curtains that are attached to the walls above any of the tile work. The plastic covering should be long enough to drop into the tub. Try to give the tile as much time as possible to cure before showering as even the moisture and mist could tend to loosen the tile bond. Keep your shower short.

Obviously you will need to remove the plastic prior to each days work and reinstall it as needed to protect work in progress. A little bit of a pain but this will give you use of the bathroom.

Of course, it's a more simple solution to just shower at a friends house.