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Uses for volunteer trees from the garden

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Aug 21, 2013, 12:10 PM
Uses for volunteer trees from the garden
In the spirit of generating discussions and celebrating the demise of most of the spammers, I'd like to get some advice on something I've considered for quite awhile.

Between my garden and the volunteer seeds from several adjoining lots, I end up with a lot of unwanted seedlings and trees. Most are Chinese Elm, box elder, mulberry, and now some black locust.

I bark stripped a mulberry over the weekend to kill it as it's interfering with my driveway, and wondered again if the wood can be used for any projects. It's a nice clear wood, it generally grows straight for several feet, and I hate to throw away good wood.

One of the plans I've mulled over for years has been using this unwanted lumber to create a bad neighbor fence to block out the neighbor who was raided by the feds a few years back. I thought I'd use the larger diameter trunks as the vertical bases and the smaller ones as the horizontal supports. I'm not sure how I'd fasten them. In a Robinson Crusoe mode of thinking, I'm trying to find something I could use to strap them together. But this may not be realistic.

I assume I'd still have to cure the wood so the base wouldn't rot once it's in the soil. What could I use to further protect the base that wouldn't leach out into the soil (I garden completely organically)?

Other than that, would there be other issues to consider? And would any of the mentioned wood be suitable? I really DO like that mulberry.

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