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I have a mysterious electrical issue and need help

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Nov 26, 2013, 01:02 PM
I have a mysterious electrical issue and need help
Originally posted by Re-mdlr:
You say you got nothing at one of the receptacles -- you wouldn't happen to have a light switch that seems to do nothing would you -- if so, that light switch might operate that receptacle (or half of it, so check both plugs)

My comment was to address the not working outlet, and not the bathroom switches. According to building codes, as you enter the bedroom there is supposed to be a switch to turn on a light as you enter. That light can be in the form of an overhead light attached to the ceiling, OR , the switch can operate an outlet so someone can have a table lamp plugged in, and then it would turn on. I was wondering if that non working outlet might be activated by a switch, such as the one entering the bedroom.

The 2 switches in the bathroom dont work. The receptacle that doesnt work is in the bedroom. Im not getting power in either plug. I was thinking power came in at the bedroom switch, went down the wall to a receptacle(that is working) and crossed the wall to the one thats not getting power. Am I wrong?

Sitting here, I can't tell how your house is wired. But putting lights on the same circuit as outlets is not a good idea, but it's also not prohibited, and there is no telling how someone else wired it. You'd have to turn on and off circuit breakers to see what is hooked to what.

Now, none of this is to help solve your problem of the light switches in the bathroom, it just addresses the non working outlet, which I can't help but wonder why it does not work (or does the switch activate it?) And have you taken the cover plate off that outlet and looked at the wires?

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