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Sizzling and Sparks Flying

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Aug 06, 2013, 09:04 AM
Sizzling and Sparks Flying
I woke up this morning to the sound of sizzling next to my head and turned to see sparks flying up from the floor behind my night stand. The only cord back there was for a light that was turned off and my alarm clock. Yesterday my daughter got quite a shock from turning on my bedroom light. There was also a power director near the headboard, and the headboard was on top of the cord, but it was several inches away from where I saw the sparks. I'm wondering what could cause sparks like that? It was a horrible way to wake up!
Aug 06, 2013, 09:54 AM
I have no expertise in this area but just wanted to share that I would call an electrician ASAP before anything worse happens. Sparks and a strong shock are pretty scary.

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Aug 06, 2013, 10:59 AM
TURN OFF THAT BREAKER and call an electrician. NOW

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Aug 08, 2013, 09:08 AM
Turn off the circuit is the proper thing to do as stated. But it sounds like the stranded cord supplying the lamp has been crushed and damaged by that headboard. Please check that and replace if damaged.

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