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        im a contractor and a retail store owner asked me to install a few small ikea track lights, any direction would help from experienced electricians.

        This is my situation, please let me know if this is ok?
        this isa small retail store with a large metal florescent track light that i removed. It had an on/off switch. It is connected to BX cable with a Red, Black and White cable. i am connecting 3 small lights to that line. I took the 3 wire BX and installed a metal box in the ceiling where i am connecting yellow cable the owner purchased (black, white and copper ground). The yellow is now coming out of the metal box to another metal box that will connect the light. the light has black, white and ground.

        i will cap off the black on the bx, connect red to black on yellow cable and white to white and ground the yellow copper to the metal box.

        on the light i will connect black to black from yellow cable and white to white. the ground from the light i will connect to the metal box. and so on for other 2 lights.

        does this sound right?
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        short answer: sub it out.

        medium answer: the red and black could have 240 volts between them, one could be an always-on circuit to neutral and one switched, so there is a "cop light" in off hours. one could be a dummy. they might have had 240 volt ballasts on there. if you can't use a multimeter, you need to sub this out, because somebody who knows what they're doing needs to identify what each wire is doing.

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