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        $3,000 for a surge protector? Sign In/Join 
        We have a free yearly electrical inspection of our modest 1500 sq foot 3/2 home. The electrician suggested we get a surge protector. We are not having any obvious problems. We have no fancy overly expensive electrical stuff. Just the basic TV's, refig, desk top computer, etc.

        He explained it would even out the electrical impulses/surges (? I forget the exact words) if they were high or low, that some appliances, TV's, etc., could stop working after a few years because of surges. He said it cost a lot up front but would save money in the long run.

        The electrician did not know what our electrical usage was. He wasn't from PG&E. However we do always run more electrical usage than "comparable homes", our bill is always higher than "comparable homes", $150 - 175 a month. I have given up trying to cut back, honestly I feel like someone who swears they stick to a diet and never lose a pound!

        Anyway any thoughts about an almost $3,000 surge protector? We plan to live here forever.
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        that price is a total rip.

        parts to install a whole-home surge system run from $150-250 for the surger that mounts to a knockout on the entrance panel, $15-25 for a dual breaker for it, and electrician charges for probably the minimum one hour. I can't see that going beyond $400-500 unless you have no blanks to insert the breaker into.

        and it won't do a thing for sags and low voltage, a surge suppressor only clips peaks that could cause damage.

        if he was trying to sell something more exotic like a constant-voltage transformer, a hot buzzy thing, heavy and huge, that install is more like $2000. they waste a lot of power keeping themselves hot. there is no need for a CVT in anybody's house, none. similarly, a 2000-3000 watt UPS in the $3000 range is nothing that belongs in any house.

        if you have computerized touch-panel appliances, a surge protector at the panel is something to consider. but you can buy a car for $3000. you can pay several mortgage payments. kill a credit card. on and on, three grand for a marginal improvement in many cases... abject nonsense.

        for $15, you can put a surge suppressor outlet strip anywhere you have a sensitive device. for $80 if you shop around, you can put a UPS on the plasma TV, computer, etc. IMPHO you can get along fine without whole-home surge protection unless you have those computerized appliances which are not amenable to a surge outlet strip.

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        I hope you can feel the love. I haven't been to happy with this electrical service we signed up for. They will be gone when their contract expires!

        Everything you said made sense to this electrically challenged consumer. We do have surge protector outlet strips on several appliances already.

        Thanks a billion.
        Posts: 209 | Registered: Apr 30, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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            DIY Message Boards  Hop To Forum Categories  Home Improvement  Hop To Forums  Electrical    $3,000 for a surge protector?

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