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Ceiling fan & long down rod issue

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Jun 15, 2014, 08:13 AM
Ceiling fan & long down rod issue
Ceiling fan died, took it down. Had to cut wires to get ceiling fan down. Here is the problem:

* Ceiling is cathedral/vaulted to second floor, down rod length is 6 feet or so (not totally sure, not the issue)

* I can't wire the new fan with wire nuts as they won't fit into the down rod.

* Thought about connectors or some sort, like spade connectors, butt connectors or something, tried it, can't really get the wires up into the down rod, maybe too long of a wire from fan? Wires won't go up far enough to get fan onto down rod.

So, how can I solve this?, do I have to get all the way up to the ceiling and re wire it from there, i.e. wire directly thru down rod to fan then re wire at the ceiling box? Will need scaffolding for that (ceiling is slanted and basically 2nd floor height).

Jun 15, 2014, 09:22 AM
The wire nuts do not go into the down rod, they go inside the housing of the fan base or into the box the fan assembly mounts to. You should have long enough wires from the new fan to feed up into the down rod and through it, then connect to the house wires coming out of the mounting box with wire nuts, and finish mounting the assembly. New fans come with extra long wire to fit whatever is needed for downrod length, the extra is cut off for shorter downrods.

You had to cut the old one out? Your old fan should have been removed from the top where it mounts to the ceiling. And yes, a long ladder set against a vaulted ceiling might be needed, or maybe rent some scaffold from a rental yard -- whatever it takes.

But lets say you removed the fan at the blade assembly housing, and can attach the new fan at the same point (I've never done that), but it should be ok to use butt connectors to connect the wires, cutting the extra length off the new fan, then stuffing the wires up into the downrod.

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Jun 15, 2014, 02:01 PM
"cut it out" means I dropped the fan off the down rod and literally just cut the wires, realized that was a bad idea afterwards lol was trying to avoid having to get up to the 20 ft ceiling, probably back fired.

I"ve only done flush mount fans before, but I guess there isn't any way around it, I'll have to get up there somehow.
Jun 15, 2014, 02:23 PM
I don't know, maybe it was a stroke of genius. If there is enough of the wire protruding from the downrod, and you can attach the new assembly to the downrod, you should be able to butt connect the wires together and put it back together. It would be a lot easier and safer than going up 20 ft.
Jun 15, 2014, 08:57 PM
Butt crimp connectors will be about the smallest thing out there. They should be able to fit up inside the tube. Assuming that you have enough wire coming out of the upper section of down-rod, one tip is to stagger your splices. Make the first splice and then push that splice up into the upper down-rod. Do the same with the second splice, just don't push it as far. Then keep the third splice where it is.

If you don't have enough wire for butt splices then you are going to have to take everything down and start over with new wire spliced at either end.