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cord ejected from electrical socket?

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Jan 29, 2014, 02:49 PM
cord ejected from electrical socket?
Got a weird question here, and can't seem to find any relevant info out on the web.

Last night when my GF went to plug in a USB adapter+cord, the socket made a “popping” noise. Then a few seconds later, when she was about to plug in the cord to the phone, the adapter “spat out” the cord. The adapter stayed in the outlet, but there was a burnt smell that I typically associate with electrical short/fire. We think we traced the smell the adapter and not the outlet itself, but hard to be sure. Then we turned off the breaker for that room and went to bed.

Some context:
-we just had carpet installed yesterday, and have basically been getting shocked by anything and everyone up there.
-we had a 3 outlet extension cord plugged into the outlet the whole time, and no issues from the devices that were plugged into the extension cord
-we tried the adapter that had spat out the plug on a different outlet and got nothing
-in case you’re wondering it’s NOT this:

So I’m wondering – do I have a larger problem? Or should I chalk this up to a freak occurrence that will probably never happen again?

thanks in advance!
Jan 29, 2014, 05:31 PM
Probably a freak occurrence of a faulty adapter.

The carpet *could* be a factor if carpet fibers got caught up inside the outlet, causing the short that gave you the burnt electrical smell.

Since everything else is working the only part i would be wary of is that adapter.