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Gas Fireplace Insert fan install

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Dec 22, 2013, 10:53 AM
Gas Fireplace Insert fan install
So, to set the stage here's what i've got:

1. Moved into a house with a wood burning fireplace that had been converted to a gas logset
2. We're taking out the gas logset and installing a direct vent heatilator (with fan)
3. Our masonry for the fireplace backs right into the garage, so there's plenty of access to drill through and run cable from all 3 sides of the firebox

I will:
1. Add a service disconnect outside for easy servicing of the new insert
2. I've run electrical for entire house reno's with successful permit approvals. I'd love to do this myself, but this is my first time doing an insert install

My question:
1. Do i run armored cable (bx) into the fireplace for the electrical
2. Can i do conduit in the garage and just run nm into the fireplace
3. Fireblock foam or fireproof mortar around the entrance hole into the interior of the fireplace?

Thanks for your help. I live in Northern VA (Fairfax)