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Bathroom fan install help

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Nov 09, 2013, 12:05 PM
Bathroom fan install help
I'm replacing an older, inexpensive bathroom fan with an upgraded Panasonic model. The old fan had one live, neutral, and ground. Those controlled both fan and light.

The new Panasonic has one ground. It has a separate live and neutral for the fan, and one live wire each for the light and nightlight. There is only one shared neutral for light and nightlight.

My incoming wiring from the old fan is one ground, one neutral, and one live, off a single wall switch. That's it.

If I want my new fan to run just like the old one — all lights and fan on when the switch is on, all lights and fan off when the switch is off — how can I safely depart from the instructions on the installation manual that assume there's an incoming wire to meet each corresponding wire on the fan?
Nov 09, 2013, 01:02 PM
To control them all by one switch join all the hots together and join all the neutrals together. Now one switch will turn the fan and light on at the same time. I'd probably just leave the night light out of the equation.

One thing though is the fan controlled automatically by a humidistat? If it is the fan really should be installed with a hot all the time and let the humidistat control it.

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