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        I am trying to replace an outlet, so I went to flip the circuit breakers. The problem is that I flipped every single one, and the power still flowed to the outlet. How can I cut power to it? Thanks.
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        If you still have power coming to the outlet, then there is another breaker somewhere controlling it.
        Do you have a sub panel somewhere, like the garage?

        Is the outlet on a GFI circuit? If so pop that breaker. (I realize this is not likely, but a remote possibility)

        Last resort is wait until you have plenty of daylight in the room, and then turn the power off to the whole house at the main. (this will screw up all your clocks, computers, DVR's etc.)

        Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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        Have you flipped the main breaker off? Not 'all the breakers' -- I mean the MAIN breaker, the big one.

        They make it look so easy on tv, don't they
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        Sure sounds like you have to have another panel somewhere.

        Posts: 10477 | Location: Knoxville, Tennessee | Registered: Sep 27, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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        what kind of panel do you have? notorious for no-trip breakers is the junk taken off UL listing from FPE. that's just one of the issues. other bad boys are the Zinser/Sylvania jobs (breakers weld to the bus while in the process of burning themselves up) and the Bulldog push-on, push-off jobs.

        any breaker can fail, but they usually fail open. "no-power" is safe. if you have one of those bad boys, you definitely need to have a pro check it out. the likelihood is it's two gnats' hairs away from being red-taggged. but there are alternate-supplier breakers for FPEs from Unique Breakers (agent Connecticut Electric) that will buy time to get the money together.

        I absolutely recommend you not replace them yourself, there are other issues that can literally blow up in your face. get an electrician out there, and for a little light reading, see

        where on this site all the nasty brands' faults are explained.

        if you have a bad breaker that is welded "on" internally, you have a hazard waiting for its time to permit a fire. it's important to get that fixed.

        (add) there is something called a "split bus" panel, in which there will be one whopping big breaker, larger rating than all the others, that is sorta kinda like (but not really) a main breaker. they're out of fashion, but may be in older homes. signs of a split bus are things like two or three breakers appear to have a larger spacing from the others, may have the range and dryer in that area (40, 30, 50 amp sizes common,) and then something really moosey like a 60 or 100 amp breaker in that area. this is not for DIYers, there is always raw power where you don't expect it in there that has no breaker. the biggest one is the sorta-main shutoff.

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