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Help running 220v line for hot tub

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Dec 29, 2013, 12:51 PM
Help running 220v line for hot tub
First live in a double wide trailer with 200 amp service.
My question is can I run NM #6-3 wire from main breaker in home under trailer nailed to floor joist to the gfci disconnect box mounted on outside wall of trailer or do I have to use uf-b wire. And from disconnect box use #6 THHN wire in Liquidtight to hot tub.
The run from main breaker box to sub panel 35 feet.
From sub panel to hot tub 15 feet.
The reason I ask is I see when they installed central air they just run NM wire from main breaker to sub panel of AC and that is staple to floor joists.

i have a square d 50amp gfci breaker. But I need to purchase a disconnect box and was looking at the square d Qo200TRNM disconnect. I was wordering if breaker would fix in that disconnect box.
thanks for info

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Dec 29, 2013, 02:13 PM
Romex can be run in dry locations only, per the NEC. Damp or wet locations are best served by pulling solid or stranded cable protected from the elements by piping, be it PVC, EMT, conduit or Liquidtight flex. I would consider running electrical cable under a trailer to be a damp, if not wet location.
I am not aware of a product named uf [underground feed]/THHN. Speaking of THHN, that cable is a dry location cable as well. THWN could be pulled in wet locations. Even though it would be "protected" by say PVC, this is damage protection, not water protection. As the NEC realizes and rightly so any piping outside will eventually become damp then wet.
Not sure why you need a sub panel if you have a 200 amp service, but then I'm here, not there. You do need a disconnect panel located near the HT for possible work related issues concerning the upkeep of said HT.
The install of you present central Romex may or may not be correct per the NEC. HVAC guys are not the most respected electricians going these days.
Did not Google the Qo panel you have listed but the 200 basically equates to a 200 amp panel. Methinks you may want to rethink this job and hire someone with HT instillation experience.

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