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Down sloping driveway into Garage - Water Problem

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Sep 04, 2013, 04:22 PM
Down sloping driveway into Garage - Water Problem
We have a problem with water draining into our basement / garage. The garage is underground and the drive way leading to the garage is down sloping and flanked by two retaining walls on both sides. Thus leaving no where for water to drain but in a small old drain or into the garage. Guess where it flows?

Well we are looking for possible solutions. Do we wall up the garage and back fill the area with dirt? But then we would loose the benefit of the garage. Do we install a garage door? Maybe we could slope the drive way to one side and create drainage or remove a retaining wall. This is a tuff project and in this small town the experts are not sure what to do with this old house. It was built in 1938 and includes a basement, which is rare in central Texas. Despite the trouble we would like to maintain the home without loosing the appeal.

Sep 04, 2013, 06:01 PM
Today must be water drainage problem day!

You'll need to find a way to drain the water out - You may need a strip drain across the entire front of the garage or simply a larger and better working drain than the one you have. No door or door seal will hold back the water, you must give it somewhere else to go besides your garage.

If there is no other low area to direct it to, then you can install an outside sump pump with a float switch.

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