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Suggestions on how to finish a basement wall

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Oct 24, 2013, 06:12 PM
Suggestions on how to finish a basement wall
I'm enclosing a portion of my basement for a theater but not sure how to deal with a slop sink and ejection pump.
I would like to have the option to build a wet bar at some point but for now I just want to complete the walls.
Should I incorporate the sink/pump within the room then build a closet around them or build the room around the sink/pump so that they're on the outside of the room and install an access door?

Oct 25, 2013, 08:41 PM
to start with, that sink should not be draining into a sump well, it should go into a real drain with vent.

this is the time to check on where that sump dumps its water, the EPA kicks city butt if it goes into the sanitary drain. you will have to knock a hole and drain that outside if you have the issue. cities do inspect that and tag it as a code violation.

so if you want a wet bar, you are already cutting a swath through the concrete to relocate the sump on another section of weeping tile. run the drain line along there. a vent will have to go up through the roof.

alternatively, you could put a crud closet where the sump well is.

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