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Nov 03, 2013, 12:12 AM
computer program
We are getting ready to remodel/add on to a very old family home, part of it over 200 years old
Could anyone suggest a computer program that would allow us to use pictures of our home and let us try different ideas?
Nov 03, 2013, 12:06 PM
there is a branded HGTV program for Windows or Mac that allows just that. among others. several paint companies, most noticeably sherwin-williams, have a free one that allows you to change wall color on the screen and narrow down your choices, then get a sample jar or a quart mixed and paint up a section to live with for a few days before ordering the real stuff for good.

but we did it the old fashioned way, brought in a couple of purty pictures, talked with a color consultant, and just went for it. had to go through three iterations of paint and stare in the basement bathroom though. the Re-Use Center got some free paint out of it.

we went with a local paint chain, Hirschfelds, because they were a pioneer in blending the microspheres into almost bulletproof paint. you can't go wrong with top-line paint from major brands. we have also used Behr, Dutch Boy (a Sherwin label for box stores), and Valspar with no complaints. PPG also has some good formulations at the top of the line.

more important to do the surface preparation and priming over old, old stuff than picking the paint maker. nothing will stick to a dirty, greasy mess. And if you are using new wallboard or covering saturated crayon colors, prime till it's white for the new color to stay even and true to the chip.

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Nov 03, 2013, 02:07 PM
Hi joelsgirl,

swschrad's recommendation of the HGTV program seems like a good idea. Below is a link to their site.


Once you are at the above link you will notice that they offer several different degrees of the program with the most expensive being the 3D Home Design which allows you to view your home as though you are going on walk through it.

Note: On the left side of the screen that 3D Home Design is highlighted in Green. Other versions of the program above and below are also listed and provide features for various areas that may only be in a 2D format.

By examining the site in detail you may find the software the best suits your needs and price point. There will also be a learning curve once you choose your program so be sure to use the tutorials which likely are included and slowly build to where you are ready to remodel your home and make the changes you desire.

Good Luck!