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Detached Garage and Add on Master BR w/new bath

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Jan 28, 2014, 06:24 PM
Detached Garage and Add on Master BR w/new bath
Wow, really thinking out of the box today. Tried to sell my house a couple years ago, no luck. Decided to just keep it for now. Only has 1 bath and no garage. Am thinking of building a Detached garage, adding on to the master bedroom and adding a second full bath off the added on bedroom. Plan to do most of the work myself, will contract out some of it, however, I'd like to either design it myself (or find software to do it on the PC) OR get plans to follow. Not sure where to find the software or even where to look for existing plans (that don't costs a fortune). Anybody got some good ideas?? Tks
Jan 29, 2014, 05:07 PM
well, garage plans can be bought at most home centers. you have to take them to the code authority, get a permit and change anything that isn't up to local code, get it stamped, then have at it. don't forget to call for inspections as they advise you.

the home addition is Structure. it could require redoing some or all of the roof if you degrade the slope too severely. you will need a full legal footer and foundation, arc-fault protection, meet all codes, and get your permits. likely would need a local architect for detailed plans, but you might get away with good detailed sketches presented to the inspector's office.

the garage... botch that, meh. botch the home add-on, and you could be forced to rip it off or be red-tagged out of the house.

what I would do is find a contractor to deal with all the special magics that will allow you to basically apprentice with him on the job, if you really want to get full of splinters and bruises.

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Jan 31, 2014, 05:19 PM
Before you go adding on to the house to sell it you need to know what your house is worth now, what you could expect to get for it with the additions and what the comparable homes in your immediate neighborhood are worth.

If you over improve your house you won't get a good return on your house. If your house is similar in size to the homes in your neighborhood adding on won't help raise the value. It may make the house sell faster because someone will be getting a bargain on the now larger home.

I'd start with a good real estate agent have run the numbers in today's market.

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