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Jun 18, 2013, 02:38 PM
Help with a project
Hi, I want to paint my bedroom like this [Image][/Image]
but I have no idea about how many colors, tools or the technique to do it.
Any help will be very appreciated.


Jun 18, 2013, 04:08 PM
the straight lines and then the fuzz show several techniques.

1) pick all the colors off the same palette card... lightest, darkest, in the middle. in this example, they blew it on the darkest color, using one two cards over. makes the wall more jarring to my eye.

2) paint the near-white first. when dry and set, mask with delicate-hold painters' tape, paint the mid-tone areas. both of those with rollers.

3) the varigated areas of mid-blue are done using several areas of overspray, a common technique in auto body painting to conceal where the patch was laid on a fender or door. you want a very fine spray. start spraying deep into the white and go all the way into the mid blue. then back up 3/4 or so and do it again. then halfway, and do it again, then again at a quarter back towards the white.

4) then when dry and set, use the delicate painters tape to mark out the squares and put on the dark paint with a roller.

the blotches may have been done with the overspray still wet using a damp sponge, a faux treatment. or they may have been done with the sprayer, holding it in place and hitting the trigger. they look more faux to me.

you need to have a steady smooth action with the sprayer and know what you are doing. practice on, say, the garage wall first.

or you could get two cans of geniune faux paint Wink

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