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        I just had a quick question. I am planning on finally putting my house up for sale in September. I just have to paint. Every room in my house is off white now, and it looks awful. Do I have to paint the rooms white or off white to sell. Aren't there any other neutral colors?? Thanks!! Appreciate any input!!!

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        Picture of Conrad
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        Depending on your flooring/carpet, a pale sage/gray or a warm pale cream color can be very nice for neutrals.
        Posts: 6894 | Location: Plains and Mountains | Registered: Sep 26, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
        Picture of GardenSprite
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        You might want to discuss your potential listing with realtors, which you would probably do at some time anyway, and ask their thoughts on local trends.

        Personally, I like an off-white theme with colors provided by seasonably changing accents, but that's just my opinion.

        You could also look at houses for sale in your size and price range to see what colors are used and get an idea of local themes.

        But as Conrad suggests, color choice would depend on flooring/carpeting.
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        boring beige is probably the biggest seller. I don't think I'd go for the cost of anything other than contractor-grade paint because the new folks are going to repaint in their scheme.

        with the folks' house, we did use something much better, because it hadn't been redone since the 70s. had some plaster cracking to fix, also, so we went with a premium self-priming that made the original 20s white oak trim pop, a slightly yellow. made a HUGE difference in comments during the open house showings.


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        Posts: 5864 | Location: North Burbs, MN | Registered: Mar 14, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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        In my opinion no.....
        There are reason to just go with white.
        1. It makes the rooms look bigger
        2. It looks cleaner
        3. It's a neutral color and can match any furniture they may have
        4. White is more acceptable then any other color.
        5. People tend to put up with white until they can change it
        6. Put in a color people may think is odd or they don't like and they will wonder what else you did
        The list could go on. It's okay to be bold when you live with it, but is worth taking the chance of not selling.?
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