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deminish off white tub with wall color choice

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Jan 16, 2014, 12:04 PM
deminish off white tub with wall color choice
We have a fiberglass tub that is a dirty white color, [came that way] and would like to know what color choice for the beadboard walls would make it less noticeable or draw your eyes away. Beadboard is 6 ft high in a small bathroom for guests. Toilet that sits beside tub is more true white flooring will be natural cork and vanity is undecided color. We are using the tub and surround to keep it out of a landfill and be thrifty. Plan is to front the side of the tub with bead board so this color choice will be all around the tub. I am afraid the tub will stand out and I want it to disappear. Thank you.
Jan 16, 2014, 12:23 PM
Just a thought:

Have you considered doing the entire bathroom (besides the floor) in monochromatic tones of off white to near white? Just enough variation to make it NOT look like you tried to match a color and failed? Choosing a color strip at the the paint store that has the same off white of the shower, and moving to the darker tone/splitting the difference so it might be in between. Bead board walls, ceiling and upper walls, vanity can all incorporate these tones, as well as the white?
With the cork floor, I think you can find some warm color tones and with the white of the toilet, it seems like it could blend visually. (at least in my mind it does) Wink

Shower curtain, window treatment, towels and accessories could carry the theme.
Jan 16, 2014, 01:16 PM
That is a very helpful suggestion. I do not have anything like that in the rest of our home so it would be a bit of a jolt but certainly would change the tub in the users eye. I must mull this over a bit in light of the crayon accents we have in other rooms ... maybe need to reconsider the cork choice as it could also be in same family. Good idea.