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        I recently bought my first home, which came with two statement walls of wallpaper, one in the living room and one in the master. I immediately peeled off the top layer of the living room wall and started to attack removal of the backing. In the one section that I sprayed with wallpaper remover and started to scrape off, I uncovered at least six additional layers of wallpaper, each more stuck on than the last. At this point, I'm not even sure what the original wall should look like or if I'm just going to totally screw up the wall by continuing to scrape away. I'm also not sure if the issue will be as dire in the bedroom, but I'm inclined not to find out.

        I don't want to ruin two walls in our home, and I'm not sure what to do at this point. Can I put a new layer of wallpaper backing/liner on the wall, prime, and paint over it? If so, should I remove the wallpaper from the bedroom wall and do the same? Any advice is much appreciated!
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        the easiest way to remove wallpaper is steam. most paint stores sell a handheld tool for that. if you use liquid only make your own paper remover hot water a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. soak and remove 1 section at a time .this way the job does not look so huge, because you will see the clean area and get inspired. use a 1 gallon garden sprayer it works great.
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        I found that Hot (really hot) water and liquid fabric softener works just as well as the commercial wall paper removers. And as beers1 mentioned, a pump garden sprayer works well to saturate the wall of paper. A simple spray bottle may work just as well, as you can keep the solution hot longer by refilling often.

        Our first 1918 vintage home had 12!!! layers of paper in the living/dining room. It was about a quarter inch thick, like cardboard. I tried a steamer, but was very disappointed in the results. We just kept wetting it down and scraping. Ended up with paper shreds up to our waists in the room!
        The room had plaster board walls, and not in such good before we even finished, we had drywallers come in and put 3/8 inch drywall over the top to cover. When they finished we instantly had a smooth new wall to paint. One of the best investments we made, in time and money, in that house!
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