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        Tutorial on How to fit a roller blind! Sign In/Join 
        There are a number of ways you can fit a roller blind, you can either fit it directly onto your window frame, inside the recess of your window or on the outside of the recess, sitting on the wall in which your window is set back into.

        You will need :

        - Pencil
        - Ready-made roller blind kit (should include screws and brackets)
        - Drill and drill bit
        - Wood plugs
        - Metal tape measure
        - Spirit level
        - Hand saw
        - Scissors

        A huge part of prep is deciding the most practical way to position your blind as to prevent damage to your walls, you need to get it right the first time.

        Also, before you begin work decide which side you’d like the cord that controls the roller to sit on, again think about practicality. Once the fundamentals have been decided, take your pencil and mark where the first bracket should lie, read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine how many screws will be inserted and in which position. Based on this, hold the blind up to your markings and test whether the blind fits and that the window can still function correctly.

        If you find it hard to open the window or the blind simply doesn’t fit in, reconsider the position of the markings; test the position every time you reposition your bracket markings. When you are completely satisfied that you have found the right position for your blind, drill carefully into the markings to create holes for your screws. Insert wood plugs into these holes and screw the first bracket in place. Measure the position of this first bracket with the metal tape measure and match that position on the opposite side to create a perfectly aligned position for the second bracket.

        Use these markings to fix in the second bracket using the drill, wood plugs and screws. Pop your roller blind into both of the brackets and double check whether it is level by using a spirit level. In terms of the blinds length, very often the blind will fit perfectly. If not, unroll the entire blind whilst it is hanging from the brackets and mark on the desired length. It may be wise to add on another inch to the desired length, just in case a mishap occurs, such as a mis-measurement or sloping cut.

        Remove the blind from the brackets and use the hand saw to cut off the roller and lath (the wooden section at the bottom of the blind), then use some sharp scissors to cut carefully along the mark you made earlier on the blind. Reattach the roller and lath, and slot the blinds back into their brackets.
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