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Exterior faucets during frigid weather

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Jan 08, 2014, 04:03 PM
Exterior faucets during frigid weather
What options are available to protect my one exterior faucet during Arctic f-r-e-e-zes like we've just experienced, beyond having an interior shut-off valve and draining the faucet before winter?

I've had no interior plumbing lines f-r-e-eze, but was wondering about the line to the outside faucet since I forgot to drain it before winter arrived.

I've found some protective covers that look like bags fitted over faucets but they seem kind of thin and flimsy to me. Perhaps I could make one of some type of durable material, and line it with housing insulation??

I also found a modification,which if I understand its function correctly prevents any water frozen in the faucet from backing up into the interior plumbing lines.

Unfortunately, despite several attempts, the link won't work unless I reach it from a Google search. Nor can I copy the diagram. But it shows an anti-siphon valve just next to the exterior faucet, and outside the house. Wouldn't this require extending the length of the exterior pipe to accommodate the valve?

Also discovered that f-r-e-e is a triggering word for the *** substitution.

Jan. 9: edited to see if **** is still a trigger word.

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