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        Hi all,

        I recently had a new porcelain sink installed. Unfortunately, the folks installing it did not re-install the drain, so I am left to complete this task. The components I am dealing with can be seen here.

        Being completely new to plumbing, I did some googling and watched a number of YouTube videos on the topic. Here's what I'm struggling with:

        • Should I apply plumber's putty, thread seal tape, or both to the pipes?
          - Both of the videos I saw on YouTube suggested to apply both. When I picked up some putty at HomeDepot, they suggested I don't use it, because according to them, it is fairly permanent. Help?
          -- If either one is to be applied, where along the pipe(s) do I apply it? I have marked up one of the pictures to indicate where I would apply the thread seal tape. Would appreciate any feedback.

        • How do I prevent water from leaking into the sink?
          --> As you can see in the second picture at the link I posted above, my sink has a hole. Unless my senses are failing me, if I install the drain, water is going to end up shooting into this hole from the hole in the drain pipe (see red highlighted area in the picture of the drain pipe). Can anybody explain the function of this hole to me and what will happen here?

        Thanks for your help!

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        Yes, use putty under the flange. There is no need for the Teflon tape, but others might disagree. There is often more than one way to do things. Where your picture shows the upper tape, I have never seen a leak from there. Where your picture shows the lower tape, you'll probably damage it as you move the rubber gasket up into place. If you have a leak there, tighten the nut against the rubber gasket. With a new sink, I'd be looking to install a new drain also, with new gaskets and finishes.

        The hole you are talking about is the overflow drain. How does it work -- it just sits there, gravity works, the water drains out. It will be clear once you start installing it all.

        Give it your best shot to put it together, watch for leaks. If it does leak then you can pull it apart and try again. It's really not difficult, and kind of fool proof. It's a standard system that has been used for years.

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        While the folks at big box stores try to provide accurate information, relying on that advise they know is usually very little help. Follow Re-mdlr post and you will be fine.

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