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Sep 05, 2013, 12:14 PM
chicken tamales
6 cups maseca corn masa mix for tamales
6 cups chicken broth
1 cup corn oil
2 teasp salt
1 teas baking powder
2 large rotisserie chickens
2 1/2 --12 oz jars green tomatillo sauce
1 bag corn husks
SOAK soak corn husks in warm water till soft..set
BLEND elec mixer. masa, corn oil,salt,baking powder
add chicken broth
SHRED chicken. an marinate in green sauce
do this 12 hours ahead of time..overnite
SPREAD masa evenly over husks, spread a sp[oonfull of marinated chicken over the masa
FOLD fold sides to center roll u and fold over the bottom
STEAM in steamer an cook for 35-40 minutes
ck in 20 minutes its done when it
seperates easily from husk

beef can be subituted for chicken, or pork
use beef broth instead of chicken

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