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DIY tissue box

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May 29, 2013, 01:55 AM
DIY tissue box
Step 1: cut the felt to different shapes
Cut six pieces of felt as the same size of the stiff box you have prepared; one has a small rectangle opening in the middle. Cut the words “happy time” and stick them to the other felt to make different colored edges. Cut two big windows and four small windows. Cut four big lights and four small ones.

Step 2: stick each pattern to the stiff box
Cut seven little animals with five sense organs by the percentage of the size of each window. Stick the six pieces of felt to the box, and the piece with the opening at the upper side. Stick the animals to the four sides of windows respectively; stick one animal on each one window. Stick words “happy time” on the upper side; “happy” up and “time” below.
Step 3: the ending work
Make the front and back lights; draw a curved mouth between the lights. Sew two buttons on each two side as the wheels. Make buttonholes to close the buttons with different colored felt; fix them at the bottom by sewing.