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Recreating wall decor - to modge podge, or not to modge podge?

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Nov 08, 2013, 03:53 PM
Recreating wall decor - to modge podge, or not to modge podge?
Hey all,

I'm looking for some help and input from all you crafty experienced DIYers out there. I don't even know if this is the right spot to post, but thought i'd give it a try.

I want to recreate something to this extent: ... except in 3 smaller squares, not 1 large long rectangle.

My initial thought was brown yarn and modge podge. I attempted it by soaking the yarn in a bowl of traditional modge podge and then laying it out in a funky pattern. It looked great, but didn't hold together very well.

Any thoughts and expert opinions on other supplies out there that would work better?

Nov 08, 2013, 06:22 PM
You have an interesting challenge. You need something that will hold the yarn, but only where the yarn is applied to the fabric, which makes it a difficult application because the yarn doesn't form a solid block but rather a random pattern, comparable to free motion quilting.

I thought of fabric glue, but you'd have to painstakingly apply it to all the yarn, and that would be a very tedious project.

What you might try using is heat activated interfacing or
fusible interfacing or check a craft, fabric store or quilt shop for other heat applied backings, webbings or stabilizers.

I would lay out a piece of the interfacing (or other fabric stabilizer), adhesive side up, then lay out and format your yarn. But do not iron yet or the glue end up on the iron.

Place another piece of interfacing over the yarn pattern on the interfacing, with the sticky side of the top piece down, on the yarn. Secure it periodically as if you were quilt basting, then heat set the whole piece by ironing.

The yarn will be somewhat flattened down but you can try to just use the tip of your iron to heat set the material inbetween the spaces of the yarn.

Alternatively, you could use one larger piece, fold it over the yarn, then heat set it by ironing.

Others may have better ideas; this was the only thing I could think of for such a random placement of a design. And I haven't tried anything like this with yarn, so my suggestions are conceptual rather than experience based.

Good luck.

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