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Is Value Windows and Doors Good for Real?

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Nov 21, 2013, 02:24 PM
Is Value Windows and Doors Good for Real?
Hello everyone,
I am looking forward to get my vinyl windows replaced, I have recently got new paint colors to my home and wanted to give a new interior look to it. I have heard about the name, Value windows and doors who are said to be specialized in this work but never got a chance to see their work. So, I was hoping if anyone of you had any luck working with them. I would love to get feedback/review about them as it will help me to get it done and anything that needs to be taken care of. Therefore, please give your valuable response. Thanks in advance Smile

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Nov 21, 2013, 04:06 PM
This is a very, very helpful forum with many knowledgeable people. But there is a sometimes finely drawn line that exists when a specific contractor is addressed by name and comments, especially not flattering, are offered by posters.

You're a first time poster, we know nothing about you, there is no information whatsoever in your profile, and although your post seems sincere, there are so many first timers who have less than honorable intentions.

Some first time posters and some with only a small number of posts are just trolls or spammers, advertising their own businesses. There are a few who've just appeared in the last few days; they're easy to spot. But I've also heard of folks posting under screen names to get feedback on their own businesses.

I'm not suggesting that you would or are doing this, just raising the issue that commenting, especially negatively, on a specific contractor on a public forum might be a little bit chancey legally.

Your profile provides no information whatsoever on you or your background, level of DIY experience and/or specific experience with window contractors. It's hard to really identify a level for providing information in response to your request.

What I would do if I were you is to check with your state's construction contracting department to determine if licensing is required, and if so if Value is properly licensed. Ask about complaints. Check with the BBB to determine if there have been complaints and resolutions.

You could also join Angie's List and check out Value on that list.

But do contact Value for yourself to get estimates and also get estimates from other window contractors so you can compare their approach. Ask for references and houses on which their windows have been installed. And contact those references and look at the finished product and work.

If Value reps balk, that's a good sign to say goodbye.

One thing I did to counter what I discovered was a perception by both male and female contractors that an old woman could be bulldozed or fluffed off in providing estimates was to be very, very specific in defining the workscope, and make sure they had everything I wanted in writing.

Some were very good about working with me, making suggestions as appropriate, but others just turned up their noses and rewrote the work scope. One even refused to give an estimate. Others never even showed up - at least they didn't waste my time!

You can learn a lot about people by talking with them as they're preparing estimates.

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Nov 29, 2013, 11:01 AM
two spammers in 4 messages, what a country!

workmanship counts. air cells count. some of that will be missing in a cheaper window. transportation costs also count, so a closer plant can theoretically provide a cheaper bid just for having less handling and truck miles.

the insulation in a window unit is air. if there is one air cell, four vinyl walls, there isn't much. if there are multiple air cells, as in the window extrusions have several "tubes" of air between inside and outside, the insulation value is better. even better if they are not symmetrical, like interlocking pieces, because that breaks up the cold-flow through the vinyl.

similarly, there is a several percent improvement over double-pane insulated glass using a third layer of film or glass in building the glass sections.

all of which adds cost to the basic product. there is a slight improvement also in using pure argon or nitrogen instead of air in the glass unit because those gases will contain less humidity through the process of separating the components of good ol' air to get the pure gas.

creepy welded seams at the corners also hurt efficiency, as does running actuator mechanisms through the vinyl extrusions instead of underneath. all moving surfaces on sliders, sashes, etc. also need to have weatherstrip to block air leaks.

so those are the kinds of questions to ask and see in samples of any window you are looking at.

nationally-branded windows cost more because of the advertising, but you know what you are getting. of the hundreds of other window manufacturers, educate yourself first, then check the detail of samples before putting brand X's bid in the finalist pile.

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