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        Hi all I posted before about my mother's bow window and could use some advice

        I have a 40 y/o 5 pannel bow window (~120" by 70") and one of the pannels got wood rot on the wood that sits on the concrete sill and the layer above it that is right below the actual wood/glass window itself. The sill piece was so rotted it came right out and crumbled so the space is just empty. I took quotes for replacement and repair. Replacement was $4-6k and fixing it was ~$600. We accepted the estimate from a window company to replace the two pieces of wood, seal the sill with aluminum, and seal it with caulk for a bit under $600.

        They showed up yesterday and at first i thought it looked nice. This morning now that it is day time I can tell they did not replace any wood. The aluminum is tucked between the two other sections, there are no nails in it, it is hollow when I knock on it, and I can see the second piece of wood is still the original. I primed and painted the window last month to prevent any further rot.

        we are going to naturally have a word with the company today but in the meantime do you think the simple cosmetic repair is sufficient? I am worried about water still getting in and pooling in the void.Second How much do you think the work is worth. I am planning to stop the check if I don't get satisfaction.
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        you have to stop it immediately, rest assured those charlatans are going to bank it before they get the truck engine warmed up driving away. that money's gone.

        get another contractor to inspect and document the hack job, and go to small claims court.

        sig: if this is a new economy, how come they still want my old-fashioned money?
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        They are claiming they did replace the sill wood now but I am suspicious. I wish I took the darn day off to watch. It just looks suspicious that the aluminum in that section has no nails going down into the sill like the others 4 sections.

        Is there anyway to tell if there is any wood under the aluminum shell?
        Posts: 10 | Location: Chicago | Registered: Aug 29, 2012Reply With QuoteReport This Post
        Picture of GardenSprite
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        I can't comment on the aspect of determining if they actually replaced the wood but do want to support Swschrad's advice to stop the check immmediately.

        Call your bank right now. Even if they have deposited it, it likely won't have cleared (unless it was "deposited" electronically) so hopefully it can still be stopped.

        And even if they did do the replacement, which seems iffy, the fact that you took action immediately will get their attention and, if they're a good business, will work to ensure you're satisfied to the point that you will pay them.

        If they're not good people, then you've taken the first step to protect yourself and your mother.

        In the meantime, check with the Illinois Department of Commerce to find out if window companies have to be licensed and/or registered in Illinois, and if so, whether this one is or isn't. You may have to go through a few departments to get to the right source. Inquire also whether or not there are complaints against them.

        If you find out they're not good people, use this as leverage in negotiating an acceptable resolution with them, then report them to the state officials, BBB and maybe even Angie's List. These actions won't necessarily prevent someone else from getting scammed, but at least you've shared your experience.

        Down the line a bit, if you do refuse to pay them, they may have an option to file a mechanic's or construction lien against your mother, since it was her house on which they worked. I'm not trying to scare you, just alert you.

        Good luck; hope you get this resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.
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