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        Got something to say? Looking for home improvement advice? Great, because this is the place. The message boards provide the opportunity for you to share your expertise and opinions with other passionate do-it-yourselfers. Choose an appropriate topic below and start or join in the discussion.

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        Home ImprovementLatest Post:
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        General Home Improvement
        Topic suggestions: plumbing, electrical, floor refinishing and more.
        Re: about the current crap of spam (Jaybee)
        Landscaping & Gardening
        Topic suggestions: lawns, landscaping, perennials, fruits, vegetables, container gardening and more.
        not only from the abdomen. not... (mnop792)
        Outdoor Projects
        Topic suggestions: roofing, gutters, pathways, front doors and more.
        Re: Common (wall? face?) Bricks fo... (Jaybee)
        I could flush with shame (mnop792)
        Re: Help! Re-Occuring green Algae ... (swschrad)
        Re: Garage Overhaul (swschrad)
        sit ups (mnop792)
        Windows, Walls & Doors114535
        Re: Ice on bottom of vinyl replac... (ron45)
        Sit on the floor (mnop792)
        Topic suggestions: feng shui, furniture, lighting, window treatments, universal design, painting and more
        Straight is beautiful (defg604)
        Re: 3 Way Switch ? (Sparky617)
        intermediate to relax. like a ... (mnop792)
        Exchange tips for cleaning and organizing your home.
        The reason is very simple (mnop792)
        Hobbies & CraftsLatest Post:
         ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
        Woodworking is gaining in popularity. Exchange ideas with others who enjoy this pastime.
        male 1000 meters long (mnop792)
        Share your passion for cropping with others.
        we returned (tuvw611)
        General Crafts
        Topic ideas: mosaics, beading, stained glass, polymer clay and more.
        the truth lies in this. jade s... (defg604)
        Kids' Crafts
        Topic suggestions: group activities, rainy-day projects, dolls and more.
        children's bone more organic m... (mnop792)
        Exchange ideas with other knitters in the DIY community.
        finally (mnop792)
        Sewing & Quilting
        Topic suggestions: quilts, clothing, needlework, embroidery and more.
        When the back is always close ... (mnop792)
        Scrapbooking Layouts
        Scrapbooking Layouts has been Moved to Scrapbooking
        Scrapbooking Layouts Has Moved (ChadP)
        Scrapbooking Swaps
        Scrapbooking Swaps has moved to the Scrapbooking forum.
        Scrapbooking Swaps Has Moved (ChadP)
        TV ShowsLatest Post:
         ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
        Blog Cabin
        Blog Cabin is the groundbreaking multimedia experience based on a very simple idea: You Design It, We Build It, You Could Win It! This truly interactive series asks Internet users to vote on the design features for a real cabin getaway.
        First try 5 times a minute (mnop792)
        Cool Tools
        Discuss your favorite cool tools and all things Grundy.
        skipping rope. front sport 5. (mnop792)
        Desperate Landscapes
        Nothing is more embarrassing than having the ugliest yard on the block — especially when your neighbors call you out. Armed with creative solutions, licensed contractor Jason Cameron transforms a negligent neighbor's troubled yard into an outdoor showplace — in only one day. From new planting beds and big, new trees to fresh paint and fencing, DIY Network's Desperate Landscapes is all about going from helpless to beautiful!
        including (mnop792)
        Favorite Shows
        Discuss all your favorite shows on DIY Network
        one minute skipping. (mnop792)
        I Hate My Kitchen
        Love your house without the kitchen? Join the club. DIY Network's I Hate My Kitchen series gives homeowners hope with economical yet clever kitchen design ideas using amazing new products and cool tools. Forget about it costing a huge chunk of an annual salary to renovate your kitchen. I Hate My Kitchen tears up real homeowners' lives and their kitchens, showcasing along the way impactful alternatives that don't require loans, demolition or divorce.
        I must do it. (mnop792)
        Man Caves
        Licensed contractor Jason Cameron and former NFL great Tony "The Goose" Siragusa give guys what they really want: amazing ideas and know-how to create the ultimate Man Caves. In each episode of this awesome DIY Network series, Jason and The Goose create a man cave solely for one lucky guy, including celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Rainn Wilson and Dan Patrick. This idea-packed series filled with do-it-yourself instruction showcases guy hangouts beyond your wildest imagination.
        and forced to finish the requi... (mnop792)
        New Shows243351
        ? No eyebrow ring.24-21. mothe... (jklm346)
        Run My Renovation
        In every half-hour episode of Run My Renovation, homeowners allow a room in their house to be completely transformed according to the whims of online users, who vote on everything from flooring to fixtures, cabinets to cooktops, and moldings to mantelpieces. When the votes are tallied, it's up to our contractor/host, with a little help from the homeowners, to pull all of the elements together into an amazing room.
        fat energy is the premise to e... (mnop792)
        Sweat Equity
        Can you increase the value of your home by $10,000 in just two weekends? Sure you can, thanks to DIY Network's Sweat Equity, a show dedicated to helping you determine which home improvement projects will return the most bang for your buck. Is it better to install new kitchen cabinets or just reface the old ones? Are granite countertops really worth the cost? Should you put more money into the bathroom or your kitchen? Licensed contractor Amy Matthews and her team of DIY Network experts help homeowners tackle these projects themselves, giving tips and techniques for building equity every step of the way. With the knowledge you gain from this show, and a little bit of sweat, you can increase the value of your home — and the enjoyment you get by living there.
        Students are not free to excha... (mnop792)
        Yard Crashers
        You never know what you'll be bringing home from the home improvement store. You go in for grass seed but come home with new patio chairs and a bag of cement. If you're lucky enough, you could also bring home a professional landscape contractor. On DIY Network's Yard Crashers, expert Ahmed Hassan waits at stores looking for the perfect weekend warriors who could definitely use his help. Once he finds his target, Ahmed and his team follow the surprised shoppers home and completely transform their yards.
        but also build strength. (defg604)
        Feedback CenterLatest Post:
         ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
        Talk with DIY Network's Community Gal, Katy D
        Here’s the scoop…Find out and discuss what’s happening on DIY Network and What you want to know about DIY Network? Katy D. is here to help answer. Come on in and chat, maybe bring a few friends.
        even if doing sit ups a day (mnop792)
        DIY Redesign
        Let us know what you think. Post any errors you may find or feedback you have with the new site.
        Really. (mnop792)
        Home BuildingLatest Post:
         ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
        General Home Building
        Building a home can be a challenge. Share these challenges with others also building their own homes.
        Re: New Build (AsherAlden)
        Home IQ
        Discuss the ins-and-outs of custom home construction.
        is the right choice. (mnop792)
        Best-Built Home
        Discuss your thoughts and experiences about building a high-quality, innovative home. Plus, share your excitement about the Best Built Home Sweepstakes.
        for 10 --- 15 seconds. improve... (mnop792)
        ArchiveLatest Post:
         ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
        Topic suggestions: maintenance, storage, recreational use, product reviews, fishing and more.
        little leisure. (defg604)
        Outdoor Activities
        Topic suggestions: kayaking, hiking, camping, golfing, bird watching, fishing and more.
        issued Shining green in the da... (defg604)
        Topic ideas: recipes, diet tips, menus and more cooking tips.
        you will feel it is very easy (mnop792)
        Radio Control Hobbies
        Topic suggestions: boats, aircraft, cars and more.
        3. The clockwise and counter c... (mnop792)
        Classic Cars
        Topic suggestions: refurbishing, engines, swap meets, car shows and more.
        junior middle school education (defg604)
        General Automotive
        Topic suggestions: tools, problems, vehicle models and more.
        really embodies the wisdom of ... (defg604)
        General Hobbies
        Topic suggestions: stamp collecting, antiquing, treasure hunting and more.
        * sole attaching the ground (mnop792)
        Tricked Out
        This is the forum for shop talk about the DIY show, and also your latest projects and ideas for making your ride the best in town.
        like the cat light in the eyes... (mnop987)
        Topic ideas: party ideas, holiday celebrations, decorations, menus, themes and other topics related to entertaining.
        woman walking in each 1000m-15... (mnop792)
        DIY GiveawaysLatest Post:
         ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
        Blog Cabin Comforts Giveaway 4/8 - 5/20
        males and 6 (mnop792)
        Related sweeps from our sister sites1719
        but also feel not ideal (mnop987)
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